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Drug Free Hot Flash Relief.

Simply hold the device in your hands for quick, effective hot flash relief. The secret is the bottle is specially designed to hold the perfect temperature for maximum relief.


Drug Free.

Side Effect Free.

Immediate Hot Flash Relief.

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Patti M, CA

“So simple to use! A friend let me try her PerformCool for my sleeping issues and it’s as easy as just holding the bottle for a minute or two before bed. If you get hot flashes in the middle of the night as I sometimes do, just hold the bottle again and it’s way easier to fall back asleep"

Gracie M, CA

"I love my PerformCool. I use it when I cook or any other time I feel hot. Not only do I get quick relief, I feel more relaxed as well. It’s hard to believe something so easy to use, works so well. "

Lacey K, WA

“This has been a game changer for me! I keep it with me when i'm out an about and as soon as I feel a hot flash coming on, I use it and the relief is almost instant. I recommend this to all my friends!”
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Fast, drug free relief. PerformCool.

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